Payment policy


You can choose to use one of the simplest forms of payment, easy FSI in detail as follows: 

1. Cash payment at the receipt of goods:

- With orders worth <5 million, if place of delivery and receipt of goods is Hanoi city, FSI will collect on delivery directly to you without you pay a deposit before ordering. 

2. Cashing in office transactions FSI:

- For case you order online or by phone and want to receive the goods at the place of FSI transaction, customers will pay for accounting FSI office transactions and recognized directly in there. 

3. Transfer bank:

- If the delivery location is suburban province or Hanoi city but other than the place of payment (in case you send gifts, send item to a friend, partner ...) FSI will be collected in advance 100% value of goods + shipping charges calculated in accordance with the policy carried by the mode of transfer before delivery. 

- You paid through the bank, please transfer money to the account of FSI according to the information below: 

1. Bank Sacombank (Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank) 

Account Number: 0200 0562 0271 - Branch Dong Do - Ha Noi 

2. Bank MB (military commercial Joint stock Bank) 

Account Number: 0081 100 147 009 - Branch Xuan Thuy - Hanoi 

3. Techcombank (commercial Bank Vietnam Technological and commercial Joint stock Male)

Account number: 111 2400 6349 016 - Transaction Office Ha Noi Branch C- Big 

4 Bank BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam) 

Account Number: 1251 0000 398 096 - Branch Dong Do - Ha Noi 

5 . Bank Agribank (Vietnam Bank for agriculture and rural development) 

Account Number: 1305 201 006 063 - Branch Chang'an - Hanoi 

Note: When sending money customers provide sufficient personal information for banks (such as name and address) so that we easily verify and ensure absolute, avoid confusion 

Upon receiving notice of receiving money from the bank, we will execute the order at the request of the customer .