Policy to change


Policy to change

I. Conditions apply:

- products distributed by the FSI regulations barter will comply with the manufacturer's warranty policy and according to the FSI (Details at: Warranty Policy). 

- Products must be intact refunding warranty stamp of FSI or by the manufacturer. 

- The product is identified technical errors of FSI or by the manufacturer. 

- Is getting back to intact shell bucket, sponge and a full range of associated accessories, promotional gifts (if any) ... 

- Products bring the defective form (scratched, broken, dented distortion, stains gold, ...) must be intact upon delivery. 

- Is the receipt must have all accompanying documents as (proof of purchase, warranty cards, manuals, catalogs ...) 

II. Where the change does not accept returns:

1. You want to change the types and designs without prior notice. 

2. You operate improperly causing damage guidance products. 

3. You do not make the rules as required to receive warranty. 

4. You are free to affect the situation outside products such as packaging torn, scratched, broken, ... 

5 products have been checked and signed You confirm the situation but then you ask commodity exchange pay by reason of bonded error (scratched, dented distortion, yellowing, broken ...). 

III. The treatment process change delivery procedures: 

Direct contact FSI customer to solve. After obtaining the Certificate status to the content of goods damaged due to technical fault can not be repaired immediately, the change will be made in accordance with regulations of the FSI and the manufacturer or service center is authorized by the manufacturer.