Transport policy


Transport policy

1. Purpose:

- Make a difference in rights for customers making a purchase 

- support and value-added incentives to customers when purchasing 

2. Scope of application:

- Method of Purchase: All the of purchase via the website, telephone, direct, ... 

- Location: nationwide 

- product application: All products by FSI distribution 

3. Contents: 

3.1 Delivery condition 

a /Free shipping 

All all customers are free delivery in 6 districts of Hanoi. 

b/Delivery fee:

Apart from free shipping case above, the remaining cases will be charged according to the table of delivery of freight carriers charge 3rd or table of FSI in Hanoi. This cost will be FSI notification and confirm with you before you make the payment and shipping FSI conducted. 

- To implement this policy the customer must prepay 100% of the value of the order or payment in the form of its customers in the form of payment chosen by FSI. 

3.2 The time of delivery

- Within 24 hours if the delivery location in the Hanoi area. Besides, the delivery time will be 1-7 days depending on distance transport. In some cases the objective may FSI delivery delays due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, traffic conditions are not favorable, car breakdown on the road delivery. 

-First of transportation, logistics department will contact customers to confirm the duration and specific delivery location. 

- Delivery time: Every day of the week except Sundays and public holidays 

- During special days or festivals by transport policy generally restricted (forbidden road for some means ...) time delivery time may vary, FSI will call the customer to agree the time of delivery.

- In the meantime receive the goods, you have any questions about shipping information please contact the hotline, or business in charge of the order. 

3.3. Responsibility for goods transport. 

- Transport services of FSI will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage to goods during transportation from FSI to the customer. 

- You have the responsibility to check the goods on delivery. Upon detection of damaged goods, scratches, breakage, distortion indent, or the wrong goods, you can contact the hotline or business in charge of the FSI line.

- After you have signed consignee without notes or comments about the goods. FSI is not responsible for refunding requirements for damage, scratches, breakage, indent distorted, the wrong goods, ... from you later. 

- If transport services by you specified and selected, you will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage to goods during transportation from FSI to the customer. Customers will be responsible for the cost and losses related to the goods.