Warranty Policy


Warranty Policy

Please read carefully as soon as purchase equipment

1. Warranty:

FSI products distributor (Plustek, ROWE, RMA):

- Product warranty period by the standards of the manufacturer or under contract.

- Being completely renewed  if the error within 30 days of  inventory.

- Processed product warranty from 3 to 5 days of receipt of the product for those products not put the side components.

- For product where components must order the carrier will be notified specific time via text or email.

FSI products for redistribution (Kodak, HP, Canon, Lenovo, Dell):

- Product warranty period by the standards of the manufacturer or under contract.

- Processed products from 5 to 10 days. Longer time will be announced  by text or mail.

- Customer support via mail, phone or direct support during the warranty period.

For product made project:

- Warranty according to it's conditions with the products enough warranty.

- For specific product warranty will be based on contractual principles and specific mechanisms.

2. Warranty conditions:

- Machinery and equipment still in the warranty period, original stamps, intact.

- Only the equipment warranty technical damage or fault of the producer in normal use conditions. 

3. Conditions no warranty:

- Equipment damage caused by using the wrong specifications, due to power failure, due to transportation broke, broken.

- Insects nest, disasters, electric fire.

- Warranty stamp torn, altered., repaired.

- Damage caused by using incorrect specifications (questions wrong power source, freely removable), preserved in correct specifications. 

- Signs in disconnected or has been repaired elsewhere.

- The material consumption during use. 

- All software errors.

- Removable devices, edited bye technicians not specified by the Company FSI.

- Using equipment and supplies not provided by FSI. 

4. The warranty period:

The standard warranty period the manufacturer or according to the contract. The start time is effective from the date of the FSI output.

5. The method of the warranty:

- Send damaged equipment warranty will be repaired or changed to other divices with the same model or equivalent device.

- Equipment replacement may be the new device or equipment has been fix.

- With the exclusive products if damaged due to a technical error the producer with in 30 days from the date of first delivery, customers will be changed immediately to a new device of the same model (or equivalent).

6. The warranty process.

- When the equipment technical error occurs, the customer is informed in writing (email/fax) or call to TTBH with the following content: device name, Serial number, Part number, description of the error and the client have conducted operations to overcome.

- Within 4 hours of receiving notice, technical TTBH FSI will assist customers identify errors, troubleshooting guide. If damaged, equipment identification techniques will confirm to the client device send an error to the warranty.

7. Time to complete processing the warranty.

- Time to complete processing the warranty is 5 days with exclusive products and 15 days with the redistributed product computer from receiving the equipment warranty.

- For some specific cases, TTBH FSI will assist clients of equivalent equipment for customers borrowing time warranty.

- The customer must pay the costs of freight and parcel if there is.

- The warranty is applied only in Vietnam.

- If in the purchase contract does not guarantee agreement in place for the equipment warranty, then the customer has the responsibility to bring to the warranty Center for warranty-repair.

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