Introduce FSI

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Established since 2007, FSI has always focused on researching and transferring advanced technology solutions on the basis of understanding customers' needs to provide customers with smart and appropriate IT solutions. with reality, to bring high value and efficiency to customers.
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The process of formation and development of FSI

Established on November 6, 2007, now FSI is known as a leading provider of digitizing and digital transformation solutions in Vietnam, and a market leader in the field of import and distribution specialized scanner equipment of major brands such as Plustek, Rowe, SMA, LMI, Qidenus, Book2net, Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, HP, ...

Partners of major technology companies around the world such as IBM, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Symantec, Juniper, HP, Eset, Kaspersky, NTT Data ...

Typical historical landmarks:


The third prize of Vietnamese Talent 2019

- Top 10 typical 4.0 technology enterprises in 2019

- Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam in 2019

- Prize Vietnam Digital Award 2019


- Vietnam Gold Star Enterprise 2018

- TOP 50 Vietnam Information Technology Enterprises 2016, 2017, 2018 awarded by Vietnam Information Technology and Software Association

- Obtain ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security certification and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certification certified by DAS - United Kingdom

- Doceye document management software achieved Sao Khue title for 3 consecutive years 2016, 2017, 2018.

- Official distributor of scanning companies Plustek, ROWE, LMI, SMA, Quidenus, Book2net, Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, hp, ...

- Partners of major technology firms worldwide such as IBM, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Symentec, Juniper, HP, Eset, Kaspersky, NTT Data, ...


- Top 50 Vietnamese IT enterprises in 2017

- DocEye document management software achieved Sao Khue Award 2017

- DocEye software has made outstanding achievements in research, production of software products and typical software solutions, achieved the IXth HCMC Media IT Award 2017

- Top fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam 2017 - ICTVN


- Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnamese in 2016 

- DocEye document management software achieved Sao Khue 2O16 prize

- Young businessman typical capital 2016

- Typical Southeast Asian IT Leaders in 2016

- Obtained ISO 90OO1: 2015 quality management certification

- Successfully implementing digitized projects, building databases on business registration, land, civil status and planning for key departments, branches and districts in Hanoi


- Reach the top 50 typical enterprises of Hanoi gold in 2015

- Become the exclusive 3D LMI scanner distributor (Canada)

- Chairman of FSI Board won the award of Top 10 outstanding young entrepreneurs in the country


- Distributor of large-format scanner Rowe (Germany) in Indochina

- Exclusive distributor of robot scanners, largeformat scanners SMA (Germany)

- Obtain ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information security certification

2013: Successfully developed Docpro document management software with integrated Vietnamese recognition technology

2012: Became Plustek exclusive scanner distributor

2011: HP Partner of Gold

2010: Becoming Gold Partner and Authorized Service Center for Canon products

2009: Gold Kodak scanner Partner

2008: Official distributor of Canon, HP, Epson products ...

2007: Established the company

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Mission: Based on understanding customers' needs, we provide advanced solutions and technologies to bring the highest benefits to customers and partners.

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Vision: Build FSI to become the top 10 digital transformation solution provider in Southeast Asia.


FSI staff

* Human resource quality: High quality human resources are well-trained at home and abroad, enthusiastic, passionate, professional and have many years of practical experience in the following areas:

     - Consulting and providing digital device documentation

     - Developing and deploying digitized software

     - Consulting, implementing document digitalization services

     - Building IT infrastructure and system integration

     - Maintenance and repair of specialized scanners

     - Staffs who are fluent in many foreign languages: English, Japanese, Russian, ...

* Human resource training: 100% of employees are entitled to participate in regular training courses at prestigious companies and training centers in the market and well-trained in big technology firms in Vietnam. Male and world.

Management board structure and control board


Business philosophy and core values

* Business philosophy

Wholehearted for the success and satisfaction of our customers along with excellent staff, professional working process, strict quality control standards and outstanding research and development capabilities, FSI is on continuous night of innovation and perfection towards the goal: "Supplier of solutions for converting TOP 10 Southeast Asia"

* Core values:

  Donate - Mind - Create - Credit - Union

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FSI culture:

All officials and employees of FSI always unite to build the corporate culture with its own imprint and identity. Each employee is a member of the FSI house together to build a sustainable development of FSI in the spirit of:

- With customers: Dedication, commitment and flexibility

- With colleagues: Solidarity and cooperation

- In the work: Dynamic, creative, responsible

- With suppliers, partners: Prestige and professional

- With the community: Understand and share