3D scanner - LMI Advance R1x

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The HDI Advance R1x 3D scanner provide the flexibility of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing its field of view (FOV). The 3D scanners come with three preset camera slots that allow you to quickly modify the field of view from 165 mm up to 600 mm depending on the scanner model. The HDI Advance Macro Kit is also available for upgrading the scanner to scan extremely small objects with a 50mm field of view.





Field of View (Diagonal) (mm)
165mm FOV Diagonal: 370mm 
310mm FOV Diagonal: 690mm 
455mm FOV Diagonal: 040mm
Field of View (XY) (mm)
165x165; 310x310; 455x455
Clearance Distance (mm) 1010 (tiêu cự 12mm)
Depth of Field (mm) 250 (tiêu cự 12mm)
Point-to-Point Distance (mm)

0.1mm at 165mm FOV

0.2mm at 310mm FOV 

0.3mm at 455mm FOV 

Accuracy (mm) 0.065
Scan Speed 1,3 seconds per scan
Camera Resolution 2 x 1.3 megapixel color or monochrome USB 3.0 cameras with 12mm lenses
Average Points 1.100.000 per scan
Average Polygons 2.200.000 per scan
Scanning Software FlexScan3D 
High-res Color TextureOptional DSLR camera
Geometry Formats PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX, 3D3
Display Scanner Gigibit Ethernet 
Input Power 220V
Temperatures 0 - 50 C
Storage Temperatures
-30 - 70 C
Computer Requirements Windows 7 (64-bit), Quad-core Intel CPU 2 GHz or better, Gigabit Ethernet Interface, 4GB of RAM or higher, 512 MB Video Card, 250 GB hardisk freespace or more

The LMI Technologies HDI Advance R1X is a 3D scanner made by LMI Technologies, a manufacturer based in Canada.

The LMI Technologies HDI Advance R1X uses white structured light 3D scanning technology. The LMI Technologies HDI Advance R1X features stereo camera construction with a component-based design that gives users the flexibility to scan real-world objects and people, and rapidly create full digital 3D models. The LMI Technologies HDI Advance R1X is equipped with 2 x 2.8 MegaPixels monochrome USB 3.0 cameras fitted with 12 mm lenses.

The field-of-view (FOV) of the LMI Technologies HDI Advance R1X can be changed on demand by the users to always get the best possible performance for small and big objects. Color texture capture is an option.

The HDI 3D scanners are sold with FlexScan, a dedicated operating software, capable to produce and optimize detailed 3D files.

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