A0 robot scanner - SMA Robo scan A0

Describe :
SMA's A0 scanner is one of the world's leading scan engines with models 3650 and 4838. It allows for full automatic scanning of large documents.





Scanning Radius
3650 : 1270 x 915 mm (50 x 36 inch)
4838 :1219 x 965 mm (48 x 38 inch)
Maximum Resolution 1200 dpi
Scanning Mode Color 36/24 bit, Color 36/8 bit, Grey, B&W
Scanning Speed 3650
Manual Scan:

Color 300 dpi: 12 giây
Color 600 dp: 24 giây

Color 300 dpi: 9 giây
Color 600 dp: 18 giây

Robotic Scan :
Max. 500 trang/h.
CameraSealed with powder
Light Source White LE
IEC 60825-1: class 1
Without IR and UV emission  
Color Depth Internally 36 Bit
Externally 24 Bit (Color)
8 bit (Grey)
Interface GBit Network
OS Windows 2000 / XP /
Vista / 7 / 8
Software Included Batch Scan Wizard
Blazing Standard Motorized, Removable, 35 cm
Blazing Optional Motorized, Removable, 50 cm
Other OptionsTV Support for large monitors
Environmental ConditionsTemperature 5 - 40 C
Humidity from 20 - 80 %
Size, Weight
Length : 168 cm 
Width : 120 cm 
Height : 104 cm
150 kg

Length : 149 cm 
Width : 143 cm 
Height : 107 cm
130 kg

The all-in-one scanner. Books, maps, newspapers, small sheets - this scanner does it all. With its A1 book cradle that can be turned into an A0 cradle just by the tips of your finger, this scanner is the most versatile A0 book scanner in the world.

Fast, faster, SMA ! 

SMA scanners were designed for applications where speed is an issue. The utilized scanning and interface technology guarantees the highest possible productivity. Further, the capability of scanning bidirectionally cuts the mechanical impact in half and increases the productivity further. The scan engine does not have to travel back and can scan in either direction. It doesn’t get any faster than that!

 Quality Made in Germany 

Our line of scanners is equipped with an unique scan engine Made in Germany. It provides high quality images based on state of the art technology. Bitonal, grey scale or color images can be produced with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi. All our scanners achieve a very high geometrical accuracy which makes them ideal for usage in the GIS, cartography and land survey environment.

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 For long-term preservation SMA offers an extensive line of Archive Writers along with microfilm processors as well as micrographic consumables. 

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