SMA Robo scan 2- Scanner A2 sized

Describe :
Scan A2 Robots of SMA is the leading large format scanning with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi and scan capacity to 700 pages/h





Scanning Radius

635 x 450 mm 

(25 x 17.7 inch)

Maximum Resolution

1200 dpi

Scanning Mode

Color 36/24 bit, Color 36/8 bit, Grey, B&W

Scanning Speed

Manual Scan:
Color 300 dpi: 3’
Color 600 dp: 6’
Robotic Scan:
Max. 700 p/h


Sealed with powder

Light Source

White LED
IEC 60825-1: class 1
Without IR and UV emission

Color Depth

Internally 36 Bit
Externally 24 Bit (Color)
8 bit (Grey)


GBit Network


Windows 2000 / XP /
Vista / 7 / 8

Software Included

Batch Scan Wizard

Blazing Standard

Motorized, Removable, 35 cm

Blazing Optional

Motorized, Removable, 50 cm

Other Options

TV Support for large monitors

Environmental Conditions

Temperature 5 - 40 C
Humidity from 20 - 80 %

Size, Weight

Length: 83 cm 

Width: 83 cm 

Height: 104 cm

85 kg


Operation Independent from Ambient Light 

Special LED light illuminators without any ultraviolet and infrared radiation guarantee harmless and uniform illumination. As the illuminators are located inside the scan head and are simply moved across the original it doesn’t matter where the scanner is being placed. Bright sunlight or intensive ceiling light does not interfere in the scanning process. Further there is no external light source irritating the operator. Please note that ambient light is way more harmful to the original than the illuminator utilized in the SCAN MASTER 1

 Networking Made Easy

All members of the ROBO SCAN family are true network scanner. Communication with the PC takes place via network card. Remote service and training can be effected via IP address so regardless where in the world a SMA scanner is located, it can be accessed and maintained if necessary. 

Two in One

 Since every ROBO SCAN is a SCAN MASTER in the first place a ROBO SCAN is not only a robotic book scanner but also a manual book scanner. The robotic scan option can be activated or deactivated simply via touch screen panel.

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