Máy scan Contex SD One+ 24

Describe :
SD One + packs a huge amount of value in a lightweight range of 24 inch scanners and 36 36 scanners. With high precision and CIS technology, you can count on SD One + to get the job done.

Warranty: 12 tháng




Scanning width

24 inch (610 mm)

Scanning speed @ (inch / sec)

When scanning documents with maximum width

200 dpi, RGB color scan


Upgrade to 17.8 inches per second, color scan


200 dpi scan according to grayscale / monochrome


Wattage2 (documents / hour)

Each scan takes 60 minutes, including time to roll - drop paper, calculated according to the complete scan

Paper size Arch E, color RGB, 200 dpi


Maximum media width

26,6 inch (676 mm)

Optical resolution

1.200 dpi

Maximum resolution

9.600 dpi

CCD technology scanner

Contex CleanScan CIS

Maximum media thickness

0,08 inch (2 mm)

Total number of pixels

213.600 pixel


0,1% +/- 1 pixel

Write data (color / monochrome)

48-bit color / 16-bit grayscale

Color space

Adobe RGB, Device RGB, RAW RGB, sRGB

USB 3.0 với xDTR

Gigabit Ethernet với xDTR2.5

Network process

Pull / Push


WIDEsystem (driver), Nextimage 5, iOS app (thiết bị cầm tay), tablet/ĐTDĐ Android/OS

File format4

Big TIFF, TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G3, TIF-G4, PDF, ....

Device control program

64-bit Windows 10, 8, Windows 7

Nextimage TWAIN

64-bit TWAIN application for EDM and software

Volume & Dimensions

27 kg (59.5 lbs) / LxWxH: 1350mm (53.1”) x 
480mm (18.9”) x 161mm (6.3”))

Certification / compliance

RoHS, cUL, CE, Customs Union, CCC, VCCI, KC, Ukr, ENERGY STAR

Country of Origin (COO)

Design in Denmark, made in China


The scanner complies with TAA standards only for US customers and is assembled in Denmark

SD One+ in 24 inches width can is a great way to start your large-format scanning career – or maybe a way of meeting your occasional need for a scanner at work.

It is for the enthusiast, the hobby maker and professional. Actually, you can use it for all three. Just pick it up its suitcase and take it with you.

Smart sharing

This allows all users in a workgroup to operate the scanner from their computer via Ethernet.

Contex CleanScan CIS

Contex CleanScan technology is based on customized CIS modules with double-sided LEDs and Dual Diffuser.

Contextual CFR (Removes color fringes)

Color Fringe Removal (CFR) is a Background Patent. The color fringes are the natural result of CIS technology flashing continuously. Thanks to Contex's innovative thinking, CFR will eliminate this problem with advanced filtering technology.