Automatic system Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

From 22/8/2020, FSI is the official distributor of Automatic system Anoxia Disinfestation in Vietnam.

Current status of data preservation in units

Hiện trạng bảo quản dữ liệu tại các đơn vị

Aged paper documents can be damaged by weather conditions, mildew, etc

In agencies and organization

  • 90% of important information at the joint is shown on paper and stored by traditional methods is in shelves and archives.
  • Archival paper documents can be damaged by objective factors such as temperature, humidity, light, insects, mold, etc.
  • Many archives do not meet the requirements of storage equipment: ventilators, sterilizers, dehumidifiers, cleaning tools, ... shorten the life of documents.

In museum

  • Archived documents and artifacts are made of many different materials: wood, pottery, paper, bronze, stone, ... need different ways of preservation
  • Difficulty in preserving and sterilizing large artifacts
  • The materials are perishable and easily damaged by external factors: weather, termites, …
  • With ANOXIA automatic sterilization system, this difficult problem of storage will be easily solved.

Introduction of the automatic disinfection system Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

Giới thiệu hệ thống khử trùng tự động Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

From 22/8/2020, FSI is the official distributor of Automatic system Anoxia Disinfestation  in Vietnam

ANOXIA is an automatic sterilization system with a repair and preventive function, used for the long and systematic handling of documents. This system allows to define the operating conditions and to control the environment parameters in the chamber, causing an adequate environment with a low oxygen level. Anoxia has a fully automatic and predefined working, control, and registration mechanism.

Automatic system Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber includes: On-off device control panel; Display treatment parameters such as: temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen level; ionization function; open door; installation of nitrogen gas; Nitrogen generator

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Benefits of the automatic disinfection system Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

Lợi ích của hệ thống khử trùng tự động Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

Hệ thống khử khuẩn Anoxia giúp nâng cao tuổi thọ của tài liệu/hiện vật

  • Anti-damage to documents / objects: Protect documents, documents, artifacts from damage caused by termites, cockroaches, mice, 
  • Reduces the "aging" of documents / artifacts: Anoxia sterilization system helps ensure documents are stored in the most suitable environment, reducing the degradation of document
  • Protecting the environment and human health: Anoxia uses a nitrogen and temperature disinfection method instead of chemicals, so it is safe for users and protects the environment.

Advantages of the Anoxia Disinfestation Chambe

Ưu điểm nổi bật của Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

  • Disinfecting a variety of materials: Anoxia sterilization chamber can sterilize many different materials: paper, cloth, wood, ceramics,...
  • Sterilizing large size artifacts: The sterilization chambers of Anoxia are quite large: Anoxia hk3 sterilization chamber (3.2 m3) and Anoxia hk6 sterilization chamber (6.4 m3) help disinfect large objects or sterilize many properties. raw materials at the same time
  • 100% treatment of invasive insects: After data sterilization with this system, 100% invasive insects in documents / artifacts are processed regardless of their development status
  • Automation: The system operates completely automatically through a control panel, thus reducing direct human intervention

Technical Specifications

-   Structural materials: The outer shell is varnish on the outside and stainless steel inner walls. Polyurethane foam inside the panel walls and floor.

-    Weight (net): Anoxia HK3 (600kg); Anoxia HK6 (800kg)

-    External dimensions:

  • Anoxia HK3: D-21730mm C-2130mm S-1130mm
  • Anoxia HK6: D-2130mm C-2130mm S-1730 mm

-    Inner size:

  • Anoxia HK3: TT-3,2m3 D-1600mm C-2000mm S-1000mm
  • Anoxia HK6: TT-6,4m3 D-200mm C-2000mm S-1600mm

-    Duration of the treatment: 2-3 weeks

-    Parameters controlled automatically: Oxygen content, humidity, temperature and pressure

-    Support infrastructures required: Exhaust gases to the exterior (Ǿ 50 mm), either direct or piped; Electricity supply: 220V (Single Phase), 32A

-    Integrated Conservation Lab service: Includes operator training

Why choose Anoxia document sterilizer

  • Anoxia Disinfestation is an automatic sterilizer system researched and developed by Conservation International Lab - a manufacturer of well-known conservation and storage equipment in Bulgaria. 
  • Operated according to European technology standards
  • Has been implemented in many units: University of Library Science and Information Technology (UniBIT), National Library of Bulgaria, Regional Library of Aprilov-Palauzov - Gabrovo, …

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